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FCF hunt aldehyde- - healthy domestic outfit, sweet home!
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As a result of competitive aggravate, in recent years originally calm wooden floor industry becomes suddenly lively and extraordinary, "E0 " , " fight bacterium " , " real wood lamination " , " FCF hunt aldehyde " wait for a new expression you are sung I come on stage, wooden floor enterprise more because of " of E0 brand contend for " , " CCTV invite public bidding is contended for king " , " Oudian is publicized phonily " wait for incident and offend so that common people pays close attention to again and again.

Enterprise how thought fors the time being our civilian common people is done not have necessary know, nevertheless to new technology after all how, bad of what actor what, we or should " the bosom friend tells the other " , square can " 100 buy not idle " . In a lot of new expression, "FCF hunt aldehyde " the parvenu that Mudebanzun installs for healthy home, what had been commented by the personage inside course of study is bubbling with noise, but up to now, only Home De Eryi was rolled out truly " FCF product " , so " FCF hunt aldehyde " after all how? With what be healthy concept together " E0 " why to differ than having after all? Of wooden floor " formaldehyde cancer " whether be captured at this point?

Formaldehyde has what harm

Formaldehyde is a kind colorless, have excitant and Yi Rong the gas at water. It has the effect of caky protein, the aqueous solution of its 35%~40% is appellative for formalin, often regard macerate as the solution of the specimen. Formaldehyde is the material of higher toxicity, in our country toxic chemical the formaldehyde on preferential control list resides the 2nd high. Modern science considers to make clear, formaldehyde has negative effect to human body health. Can cause disgusting, vomiting, cough, bosom frowsty, asthma, emphysema causes death even. Formaldehyde of long-term contact small dose can cause period of disease of chronic respiratory tract, female disorder, gravid syndrome, cause a new life the constitution is reduced, chromosome is unusual, cause nose pharynx cancer even. Formaldehyde of tall pH indicator is system, hepatic to neurological, immunity wait to have harm. It still can stimulate mucous membrane of eye conjunctiva, respiratory tract and generation weeps, shed tears, cause conjunctivitis, sore throat, asthmatic, bronchitic with abnormal reactivity disease. Formaldehyde still has cause the abnormal, effect that cause cancer. According to epidemiology investigation, contact the person of formaldehyde for a long time, can cause the cancer of nasal cavity, oral cavity, nose pharynx, guttural, skin and enteron.

From where does the formaldehyde in indoor air come?

1. Use as the plywood of interior decoration, joinery board, in the man-made plank such as density beaverboard and particieboard, because produce the adhesive that adornment board uses to be given priority to with Niao aldehyde colophony at present, remain in plank can release to surroundings gradually with the formaldehyde that did not share reaction, it is the main body of the formaldehyde in forming indoor air.
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