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Heart Er floor, let the world be full of love!
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Predestined relationship border is met, president Ru Jiyong encountered the heart Er floor of Beijing bussiness trip to hanging the friend that duty exercises in Yunnan, different ground meets, talk very joyous, meantime friend introduced what seat Yunnan farmlands on the west to hold a post a variety of circumstances, among them one picket moved about the story of an elementary school Ru Jiyong: Incomplete brick breaks tile, summerly phlogistic winter is cold, drop rain air leak, although the condition is very difficult, do not block the longing that children seek knowledge however. Ru Jiyong at once clappers, you Deer floor is contributive build a new elementary school for them.
At the beginning of May, brushstroke capital collects Deerdi 300 thousand yuan as scheduled to Xi Chou. Make this one decision, ru Jiyong had not gone to even Xi Chou, even the start working ceremony that local great kindness invites, you also are politelied decline, reason is to visit next Qian Laijian school. "The picture that sees already can show an issue, waste money again why. " Ru Jiyong says lightly to the reporter. In fact, contribute money build elementary school of Xi Chou love, it is series of heart Er group is built merely school aid the first pace that learns a plan. Start from heart Er group " project of elementary school of heart Er love " on schedule, can see De Erren passes on social blue print clearly- - in the time in 3 years, build 30 elementary school, pervade the new elementary school that every province city of the whole nation strives to a You Deer invests construction; In the 30 time that arrive 40 years, build 100 elementary school.
The name of this elementary school that is built in Xi Chou cries " Deerxi farmlands elementary school of the first love " . "My general has in his unripe in year, the impoverished area that is China builds 100 love elementary school. " young Ru Jiyong says.

From 2000 heart Er company founds beginning, of heart Er group advocate floor of course of study advance rapidly, its crop and market sales volume ascend successfully after 4 years before manufacturing industry of body China floor 3 armour, fix eyes upon for industry place. And the heart Er that development expands did not forget to deliver the view to social charities.
2004 " commonweal of heart Er love is aided learn a project " mount a horse, what De Erren began to aid financially outstanding and impoverished undergraduate is itinerary. In Beijing University, Tsinghua, answer dawn, with aid, south big Ji Nalin is big wait for 6 colleges in, heart Er group founded " heart Er fellowship " , " Deer stipend " . Subsequently, heart Er group established " heart Er education helps deficient up special fund " , the one share profit in selling the product is contributed come out, investment arrives " heart Er education helps deficient up special fund " in, use at funding the educational enterprise of impoverished area. Also be in this year, the benefit of unconscious stage shuttle with heart Er will advanced group teachs a system to introduce Wu Jiang, established the nursery school of De Ershuang language that gives priority to with cheeper individuation education, contribute oneself force for preschool education.
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