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Industry of skin of our country wood grows gradually hasten is mature
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In recent years, accompanying global fact wooden resource is more and more nervous, and of the zoology consciousness of people and aesthetic idea increase, the wooden skin that treatment industry and broad consumer are accepted and is not approbated by lumber before, more and more the favour that produce and is machined wood products company, test and severe test had been undergone on the market, the consumer group of disparate arrangement of ideas begins show appreciation for sb at it.

The market calls wooden skin product

From our country southeast coastal and in light of the sale status of the lumber product that makes how old and medium-sized city, always used wooden skin to serve as the product that pastes a face, want to compare the product that the surface is former natural Mu Wen to be held in both hands by the heat of the market, especially product of natural wood skin is pay has more add. Because the choice area of natural wood skin is very large,this is, no matter from class, character, producing area, still be colour and lustre, decorative pattern, bright and clean degree and the price is waited a moment, the diversity of OK and contented numerous consumer asks. the " of " admittance card that because was had,broad consumer consumes the market this and " pass " , I man-made board industry, furniture industry, adornment decorates the country the industry in succession with wooden skin knot of this one new-style product leaves the reason that indissoluble. Nowadays, facilities of guesthouse of our country vehicle, travel, sports, family is decorated, urban decorate rangings from... to... almost the place that involves wood products, be accompanied with respect to what have wooden skin product for certain and deck. because such, the driving demand of the market promoted the development of wooden skin industry and maturity greatly.

The big country that a lumber uses our country since, it is resource of a lumber at the same time very the country of deficient, need every year to import many timber in order to make up for huge lumber demand gap. On the international market, lumber resource uses the resource of precious hard broad Xie Mu that make and machines products of of all kinds wood especially is nervous with each passing day more. Stem from the pressure of a such cosmopolitan environmental protection and resource, before most suffer broad consumer gay the sale position that real wood floor and real wood furniture had quited a gleam of and mainstream stage by stage. Be based on people to often cannot cut the reluctant to leave that abandons healthy to natural lumber warmth natural attribute again, then, saved a large number of precious fact wood already (introduce according to the expert, after a log decomposes skin of the Cheng Mu that make, can enlarge the adornment area) of nearly 500 times, the colour and lustre that does not break natural log again, decorative pattern even the product of natural wood skin of breath, got numerous furniture loves with what the floor produces enterprise and customer.
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