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Russia raises custom duty to draw domestic manufacturer chain reaction
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Russia raises lumber to export custom duty to bring chain reaction

"Russia raises lumber to export custom duty to be able to be reduced further provincial the profit of furniture production company. "A few days ago, administrator of one high level says market of Hangzhou family property.

The reporter understands, lumber of Russia of second half of the year exported custom duty to will promote substantially 2008, achieve 80 euro / stere. This will make lumber is imported 70% result from the company of Chinese furniture production of Russia faces pressure. The lumber dosage that manufactures business to already began to plan to adjust furniture partly is flat perhaps change one's profession, from this, honest of Zhejiang An Ji, Hangzhou installs those who wait for local bamboo to order sales volume to begin to increase.

Particieboard replaces real wood morely

"With respect to Hangzhou character, although of raw material price rise make the rigid cost of furniture industry raises somewhat, but whole industry is stabler still, furniture price won't rise greatly 2008. "Chief is accepted related Zhejiang furniture guild when interviewing, say. "Native land competition is quite intense, hardly an enterprise is willing to allege in this moment raise price. "Business of one furniture production says Hangzhou, an act that raise price may make the enterprise is immersed in passivity, be squeezed to break down by competition even.

So, reelecting furniture is used makings make the first choice that reduces company cost at present. "Before is to prop up place to use real wood, exterior part uses particieboard, now unless the user is appointed, all furniture all instead paring plank. "Hangzhou ticks off controller of company of Home Zhuangyi furniture to say, particieboard is not tall to the requirement of lumber, treatment rises more convenient, 60% what the price is real wood price about. "Lumber goes up situation is short-term won't stop, choosing new material is must. "Liu Tonghua of limited company president says the line of business of wood of Hangzhou China sea that does real wood brand only all along, will want what extend raw material further to supply channel to carry the risk that valence brings with dispersive lumber henceforth.

"With fact of particieboard and rather than wood machines the furniture that there is 60% to control in the market at present. "Chief of square of one large furniture says Hangzhou town on the west.

Furniture factory transition does bamboo chopsticks

Begin from 2005, the furniture company profit of and other places of Zhejiang Hangzhou, peaceful wave is stable all the time in 5%~8% , the crimple that supplies channel as lumber and price rise, this industry profit is in shrink, partial production company begins to try transition.

The statistical data of association of Chinese furniture trade shows, 2007 1~10 month, volume of export of countrywide metal furniture decreases compared to the same period 84.26% , volume of plastic furniture export decreases compared to the same period 66.32% , volume of export of other data furniture decreases compared to the same period 91.55% . Exit furniture company suffers concussion not small. "Although the RMB appreciates,covert the cost that reduces lumber import, but price of international market lumber rises not to fall repeatedly, the short-term profit that the RMB appreciates will disappear very quickly very much. "The expert gold of market economics respect a flock of saying, the enterprise runs furniture to make change of company of many exit furniture runs strategy, perhaps enter 23 class markets of domestic, direct perhaps transition is done other.
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