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Unscramble the road that informatization of Chinese hardware industry builds dee
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The informatization of Chinese hardware industry is built, those who experienced the concept of 80 time a few years at the beginning of the failure of hype, 90 time and hesitation, 21 centuries is brief think and the rest and reorganization, industry to now is custom-built the level of deal with concrete matters relating to work that all shows individuation, it may be said is to mention it is easy to come, carry out it is very difficult to rise. Will always tell, the state that at present hardware industry informatization of home builds nots allow hopeful, business of inchoate very much software comes in the informatization construction process of hardware industry hasty also, go hasty also, as time passes is be expert at inside the public praise that kept special difference, till today, that ' court death of the ERP on the enterprise, do not go up ERP dead ' if return haze not to come loose. Although the road of the informatization construction of hardware industry is bumpy labyrinthian, but still there is no lack of the model of a lot of success. These hardware factories expand in enterprise dimensions hind, by force of the administrative demand of market pressure and oneself, was on the road that informatization builds in succession, preliminary savor the benefit that informatization management brings.

Below this kind of state, the industry is undertaking new round shuffle, superior bad discard. On one hand, metals company will take the additional cost that will promote a product through promoting a product innovation capability seriously more; On the other hand, urgent need passes metals company to change the effect that administration will offset cost promotes and causes to company profit ability subtly. The element of this two respects makes make an enterprise take informatization seriously to build more on one hand, on the other hand, also raised taller requirement to Wu of the product of informatization manufacturer, executive kimono. Accordingly, inevitable also meeting brings about the superior bad discard of manufacturer of manufacturing industry informatization. Manufacturer of metals company informatization wants to come true can develop continuously, must undertake a product innovation, management innovates and serve innovation.

We are necessary to consult the informatization with advanced foreign country manages experience or the experience that draw lessons from other industry, will promote our industry informatization the standard with this.

Medium and small businesses is a very fundamental strength in economic development process, but in the market with intense competition, most medium and small businesses is mixed on development of dimensions, management, business large company posture is compared, put in the difference with bigger move. Medium and small businesses wants to live in the market with intense competition come down, must compare big company
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