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Wooden doors and windows wooden standardized national standard will be introduce
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In the renovation process, many consumers often complain: "buy all kinds of building materials is the most troublesome doors, from purchase order to delivery will take at least 40 days. And also sent the finished doors can not immediately install the home after each gate operation will need to adjust size of the scene, and sometimes are not able to finish the day. "

At the recent "new doorways, new doors regulations - the future of China Development Forum FORESTRY doors", the China Timber Circulation Association, Zhu before the Institute of Chinese Academy of timber and other experts have said Ye Kelin, custom wood door cycle is long, production of small, seriously hampering the industrial upgrade has become the industry standard wooden door urgent problem. Recently, this reporter from the building housing the Ministry was informed by experts, China's national standards for wood windows and doors early next year is expected to formally introduced. Wooden products difficult to standardize the bottleneck of non-uniform size openings once broken, would usher in rapid development of wood industry.

Urgent need for standardization of wood industry:

According to report, in foreign countries, consumers often can be purchased in the ordinary supermarket doors, buy a home later, you can easily install on their own. But in the domestic market, business has been using custom wooden doors of the non-standard production and marketing are basically hand-tailored. Install wooden doors, whether it is the first time a new house or renovation of the old house re-decoration, require workers to field measurements, adjusting, low productivity, difficult to create economies of scale. "Because of standardization can not do, the size of each list is different, so very broken, part of the process of doing more and more opportunities for error. By this way, an annual production capacity of 10,000 sets of wooden doors production line annual production of about 4,000 sets of wooden doors only. "enterprise of a wooden head, told reporters. "Doors of a huge market demand, but there is no uniform standard, wooden industries do not enjoy the benefits of mass production scale, is not conducive to development of the industry." Dekor Heya doors, general manager of Compaq, and many other brands of doors producers had had the same laments.

Vanke Group, an executive said: "Among the materials procurement, and sanitary ware, tiles, flooring and other categories than is often the most difficult choice of doors, some can not deliver on time, and some serious product color , and the installation of manpower, delay duration, the reason for this lack of standardization of all because of a wood door. "

Department of Housing and Urban construction products and components, fittings product standardization technical committee of experts Guoxiao Wu told reporters that, as China's real estate development, business and consumers in the standardization of specifications for wood doors and windows have a higher voice. Therefore, the Department of housing construction in 2007 of wood windows and doors were national standards project, after three years of research, the national standard is expected to be introduced early next year.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of wood industry:

Chinese Vice President of Real Estate Research Council Tong Yuezhong that many of our country's doors factory, the brand does not have much loud, wood industry is basically in the Warring States period. This situation resulted in low efficiency of factory production and delivery cycle is long, the quality of many complaints, the product mixed and other issues. With the upcoming national standard, wooden door industry in standardization, the role of large-scale production, the industry must accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

Recently, reported by the China Industrial Association of China Development Forum on the doors of the future, this newspaper's deputy editor, said Zhang: "China's wood industry is ushering in a deeper level of industry changes, in this transformation, standardized production is the essential element. the one hand, enterprises should change their mode of production doors; the other hand, consumers should change the concept, to accept standard doors, because the standardized production of higher quality can bring us and better products. "

According to report, China already has some enterprises began to vigorously promote the wooden doors of standardized production, the first door to the community launched the concept of standardization and the production, promotion of standardization of wooden doors. This year, the Power Dekor Heya cost of 2 billion from Europe to the introduction of a standard wooden door production line, the production line put into operation, the daily production of 300 sets of doors can be a substantial number increased to 2,000, greatly improving production efficiency. "Power Dekor Heya enter the market in 2 years time, on the standardization of wooden products in the market, sales and marketing done a lot of work. Standardization of doors in line with national advocacy direction is the inevitable trend of development of the industry." Compaq years, said.