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Market level of lumber of forest products of Shanghai blessing person is comment
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One, plank kind: Weather of snow getting rain is affected with Spring Festival drawing near, market shipment volume drops apparently, basically give priority to with stock up, african material arrives the quantity increases apparently. 1, North America material: The second room that continues to suffer the United States lends the influence of the crisis, american wood market lasts fatigued and weak, at present price of North America log falls urgently. The plank price of the market also appears small small drop, class of furniture of south red oak quotes 3900 yuan / M3, 16500-16800 of black walnut quote yuan / M3, maple quote 12000-12200 yuan / M3. 2, African material: The first selection that African material looks can be major businessman 8 years, material of Africa of market near future arrives estimate apparent increase, main Billie having sand, Bai Mu, inferior Hua Li. Shabili is at present the market tightens spruce breed most, at present supply of goods of market of Home Zhang harbor, Guangdong is in an emergency in succession, newest quote is in log 6000 yuan of above / M3, the quoted price with domestic at present better treatment already was in plank 9500 yuan or so / M3, and have a few stock only. According to businessman reaction, new a few days ago supply of goods has not entered storehouse to already was ordered by the factory. What compare Shabili is close spruce, ao Guman contrast is bigger, already stopped at present drop case firm, newest quote 4000-4200 yuan / M3(home is machined) . Inferior Hua Li is current the market arrives quantity relatively concentration, stock is relatively enough, price stability is controlled in 4500 yuan / M3. Peach blossom core, Maigeli, cling to the other breed near future such as the flower trades less, the price is stable. 3, southeast Asia material: Supply of goods of southeast Asia of near future market is main give priority to with rare annatto and wax gourd of a few teak, water and hard miscellaneous wood. Teak is to valence does not have city, according to the businessman cost of reflective teak stock is rising every day, and domestic price already went to a factory to be able to accept the limit, at present many manufacturer choose other breed or be to stick face wood skin to replace. Gold-rimmed shaddock is sold somewhat get warm again after a cold spell, newest quote 5200-5600 yuan / M3. Pineapple division market has prices of a few supply of goods to be in 8000-8500 yuan / M3, willow eucalyptus price already tended stable. 4, European material: Of Ju wood arrive end of the year relatively concentration, the businessman values wood of 8 years of Ju to be able to be continued to heat up by the market hold in both hands, the businessman is laying in supply of goods in great quantities. The price is stabilized at present control in 5500 yuan / M3. Price of near future of wood of northeast china ash, oak is not had appear adjust, quote of northeast china ash is controlled 4200 yuan / M
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