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Half of shrink of flocculus rosewood price
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The end of the year of report from our correspondent already arrived, but price of flocculus rosewood log drops again and again however, from last year September every tons 700 thousand drop to 300 thousand. And the price of flocculus rosewood furniture also as next defeat.

Come day after day, swim in the celestial being that carries furniture of Mingqing archaize annatto to the whole nation base of furniture of the village below prefectural dam, the reporter understands, flocculus rosewood furniture should reduce price again; Because store up goods had a deficit millions of manufacturer becomes much. A few borrow fry the home usuriously to be repay a debt of steam again fund, low undersell log.

In interviewing, managers of a few heft class manufacturer are right already current market expressed anxiety, but they steep fall many pairs reason closely guard a secret. Does flocculus rosewood price steep fall along He Lianlian? The reporter launched investigation to this.

Price of furniture of half of log price shrink falls go two into

From place of a few manufacturer managers state in be informed, fry the flocculus rosewood price in domestic hand, already dropped into slope bottom from slope top. By 2006, flocculus rosewood is market place acknowledge, every tons about 150 thousand yuan or so; At the beginning of last year, every tons go up 200 thousand yuan; Went up to 450 thousand yuan or so June last year; Went up to August last year 600 thousand yuan; Rose September reach 700 thousand yuan; After October, enter half month dish whole, after this drops quickly, current price is controlled every tons in 300 thousand yuan.

A manager of local that produces a business says frankly, after frying the home to intervene, the export price that causes Indian country of origin " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , at present the price falls greatly, manufacturer loss is returned not much, the most miserable is second half of the year just was killed those last year those who go in is new fry the home.

At present flocculus rosewood furniture as log depreciate considerably and depreciate. Yesterday morning, swim in Pu Tian Fuxian market of furniture of the annatto below prefectural dam, the chief of an exhibition hall says to the reporter, the sale of flocculus rosewood is stagnant, before current price compares two months, reduced 20% the left and right sides.

The reporter understands, at present dam issues the sale of flocculus rosewood furniture of major manufacturer to glide.

Flocculus rosewood " bubble " have after all how old?

Be what reason brings about flocculus rosewood price to glide successively? So rare whether is the timber that be short of passed like environment place was fried to go out " bubble " ? Regard industry as Great Master of famous arts and crafts, pu cropland city is beautiful sincere amount to the manager Li Fengjiang with Li industrial sculpture price of rosewood of not evasive flocculus by " fry the home to hold defeat " view. He is analysed, excessive hype just brings about the home that be fried flocculus rosewood " grow too fast " , deviate of market price case real value, bring about necessarily steep fall. It is rare likewise lack resource, price of Hainan chrysanthemum goosefoot however still strong, its reason is the market breeds spent difference, sea yellow mart bred ten years, and flocculus rosewood just is controlled 3 years, "3 years the price turned over 6 times, buyer's market is bred do not follow to come up however, can you drop? Can you drop??
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