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Price of the hardware since March 1 will rise again 15%
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Rise in price main forces is added again one child, the home installs building materials market to also begin to raise price sadly. A few days ago, the chief Chan Ermei that distribute bay Li Taijie has 3 annulus household store expresses Beijing annulus, they already received manufacturer announcement, price will be raised in the round since March 1, go up amount to 15% .

He Jie is provided same, rise in price sadly still the home such as top of hardware, condole, stainless steel, cement, gesso installs building materials. Even market of a few costume also follows " when the river rises the boat goes up too " . Rising in price this is close will two years affect a range the widest, rise range is the biggest.

Beijing building decorates association chairman Gu Zhongchi to express, integral trend is going up now. To going up a size, he expresses, each manufacturer is different, specific to some kind housing materials is not identical also.

"I can tell you for certain, raised price for certain March, we sell 1260 yuan of doors previously, sell 1300 yuan now, do not sell one minute less. " store of shop of distribute of door of wood of the sea in Beijing grows Zhang Ying to express.

She expresses, because their manufacturer is the timber that receives group by group from northeast, the lumber when the replenish onr's stock year ago has begun to rise in price, be door of this reason wood also can go up accordingly. And another reason is, march is the busy season that decorate, because manufacturer receives too much order, essential busy come nevertheless, also can increase price.

Stainless steel of dragon of Beijing meaning peaceful decorates limited company agency to hold the post of a gentleman to express, now of stainless steel defend column wants 160 yuan / square metre, and the price last year is controlled in 130 yuan, raw material rose last year 40% , and artificial cost also by go one day to rise a few yuan 100 multivariate.

Except wooden door, stainless steel, hardware, condole top also is in consider rising in price. Beijing Home La Jingli as string of 1 Miss Wang shows a company controller, they are installing new sample, because new sample still does not have installation to be over, still be in at present discuss whether to rise in price. On one hand the storefront that new clothes repairs rose to run cost, a string of 1 very raw material, artificial expenses also is rising on the other hand, most important is the carriage cost that delivers goods from Guangdong rose many, these are the elements that decide to whether raise price.

And making what industry cares most is, domestic outfit company also is in rise in price. Learned of Beijing grand benefit decorates presiding stylist Wang Wenquan to express, will go up March 6% , although raise price stealthily before New Year, but the company invites benefit customer with the means of sales promotion, this moon base will no longer sales promotion, return to normal go up after the price will amount to 6% .
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