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Foreground of field of retail sales of stainless steel guard against theft is va
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As the development of our country economy, no matter be project decorate or family decorate the building materials product that going after high quality high grade, and have bright distinguishing feature. Door of stainless steel guard against theft got used to the great demand of this one market just about, in in high-grade adornment domain replaces gate of door of general guard against theft, real wood stage by stage. At present door of stainless steel guard against theft is in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang of and other places in the popularity rate of high-grade adornment domain has exceeded 30 % , the part fastens villa village to exceed 50 % , whole even village enters a door to use door of stainless steel guard against theft entirely.

Show according to relevant data, china has become big state of the production of door of guard against theft and consumption. Especially as estate market pull move and town dweller defends increase of consciousness ceaselessly, had played the first-run market that changed job of our country door for the first time, but of people living standard rise ceaselessly, the artistic demand of face each other also is increasing further, the generation of stainless steel door satisfies the ceaseless requirement of this one market in time. In the market share that breaks through 30 billion yuan in production value of market of countrywide door estate, among them door of stainless steel guard against theft held nearly 3 become proportion, still will continue to increase henceforth. Door of stainless steel guard against theft has made the market medium bestow favor on newly, completely by its distinctive characteristic decides this.

Be made at common iron relatively or iron and steel mixes make door of guard against theft, stainless steel door besides have colour and lustre abiding and bright-coloured, beyond the characteristic that never rusts, more important is the uniqueness decision of the product. Specious, novel, decorous,

Pattern and form are more than common door, combination diversification, wear well, satisfied the safe and firm need of people not only, the characteristic of beautiful individuation gets of consumer love. Door of stainless steel guard against theft this group course of study is growing to knowledge, science and technology, art direction by technology intensive gradually.

Current market condition makes clear, mix completely to Ju Jiaan as more consumer the dualism demand with decorous adornment is higher and higher, a lot of estate developed business to had chosen door of stainless steel guard against theft, not only managing the person that buy a house removes the waste with old needless door, increased the class of residential project at the same time again, average share still is not worth two-spot money to the cost of every square metre. Development business is proportional to this one demand increase already very apparent the earth's surface comes out now.
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