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Annatto price is mad the bubble after frying is undone soare if sit,steep fall s
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From 2004 to now should individual furniture goes up 10 times more than, it is individual furniture not simply, if use Hainan chrysanthemum pear, flocculus rosewood the furniture of these rare wood make it, the upgrade that the price is twice breaks up, rise the furniture of 10 times above, in the inn of furnisher, can saying is to be able to be found everywhere.
Somebody used 4 words, did a summary to the annatto furniture market of instantly, annatto furniture is from treasure collect, from collect change investment, become congenial from investment, the bubble that till be in finally,fries furniture of the annatto in doing wildly is undone, price suffer a disastrous decline, such word, we once had been heard on stamp, orchid, Pu'er tea body, had seen, nowadays, such fate became of once more on annatto furniture body, from last year the end of the year begins, all the way bullish annatto furniture social status steeps fall, each investor is in the time of nearly 5 months, the annatto furniture in following a hand sat in the market bout switchback, will view the investigation that the reporter is in Beijing first.

On April 19, 2008, be Sunday, the reporter came to Beijing market of the biggest an annatto furniture, love garden of domestic annatto grand sight, here gathered to come from distributors of furniture of many 40 annatto of countrywide, in this market the reporter sees, the annatto furniture exhibition hall of gross three-layer, cannot find the customer that buys annatto furniture almost, whole market appears all the more cold and cheerless.

As a result of the reason with bad prices, reporter discovery, for sales promotion, a lot of distributors are by furniture of a few annatto, write went up the brand of special offer, the round-backed armchair of a red acerbity branch, fell from 21800 original yuan 13500 yuan of present.

Be in south the shop of an annatto furniture of 3 annulus, the reporter also discovers, although be on Sunday, but come round the guest of patronage annatto furniture also know clearly very few, this and bought the occasion with annatto hot furniture to produce tremendous contrast last year.

The reporter in investigation understands, the great change of annatto furniture market, arrive from high point today's cold and cheerless, time span does not exceed 3 years, from 2005 the beginning of the year begins, the price of domestic annatto furniture is quick be pulled to rise by the businessman, the investment of annatto furniture is talked, collect theory, of raw material rare be short of theory flood the market, consumer does not make the best of time to buy annatto furniture it seems that, have in the future lose enjoy this to plant rare the possibility that lacks goods, accordingly, the production of annatto price and consumption, became the vocabulary with Chinese furniture the most popular market for a short while, 3 years short the time that be less than, today the cold and cheerless on the market, although the mood of businessmen is disappointed, also be helpless.
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