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Market of piscine bead a week is dynamic (0510-0516)
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Schematic: In May, it seems that the period that economic macroclimate of home is in a relatively small blown away by wind, exit drawback is adjusted, the United States second borrow the crisis to affect global economy grows speed to put delay, dollar to devalue of the brandish such as the shadow do not go, chinese wood imports and exports is facing tremendous difficulty, wave motion of lumber market level is bigger. This week, businessman of market of piscine bead lumber reflects the business generally weaker, to foreground estimation also nots allow hopeful, the explore below lumber prices makes the market advocate tone, potential market risk is increased, shipment rhythm is accelerated below the case that the businessman is defending this small profit. And furniture market depreciates rise from all directions of sales promotion sound, downstream manufacturer invests state of mind to become very careful, see order buy material, reduce cost to become management attention central issue.

The explore below lumber prices makes the market advocate move man-made board weak city more greet outspread pressure

One, log market: Cold heat of material of Africa of southeast Asia material is alternant

Southeast Asia material: Burmese teak rises situation look up. According to report of Burmese government latest news, end 16 days, burmese and tropical storm causes dead number to rise to 77738 people. Burmese government for beat back storm, after May 2, halt of Burmese lumber commerce period of time, the ship of a lot of carriage lumber stays in haven up to now, tropical storm brings about Burmese lumber to output suffocate suffocate. Meanwhile, american government to assist Burmese, froze the United States the circulating fund of certain and state-owned company, also include among them a few in Burmese lumber company, burmese teak offers money very nervous. A few days ago, businessman of market of piscine bead lumber and Yunnan are filled with the river is Burmese teak supplier negotiates business arrangements, the supplier covers goods state of mind is heavy, quote also is one day changes, edge trade material, do not buckle Bai Bian, 3 meters long, diameter class 30 Cm, the first day of quote ten thousand five hundred yuan / stere, sign up for the following day reach 11 thousand yuan / stere, the 3rd day of newspaper reachs 12 thousand yuan / stere, press 12 thousand yuan / the stock price of stere transfers Guangzhou price to want a newspaper to reach 14 thousand yuan / stere.
Line of nether world of the sound below Indonesian pineapple case spins. Occupy report of businessman of market of piscine bead lumber, agency newspaper gives 5800 yuan / the shipment price of stere. Suffer effect of grail exhausted condition, gan Ba, Shan Zhang also p reaper reduced 200 yuan / stere, tip wood look forward to is firm (diameter class 60 centimeter above) choose a newspaper to reach 3600 yuan / stere, all goods 3150-3200 yuan / stere, all goods (diameter class 60 centimeter are the following) the newspaper comes 2900-3000 yuan / stere.
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