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2008.5.3 plank each district quotes
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Name Seat of kinds or types of goods Monovalent (do not contain freight) Have lot Freeboard element measures polyethylene plank County of Shandong peaceful ferry 28.00/Kg 100Kg Plank of light qualitative partition Zhejiang Hangzhou city 165.00/12MM piece 5012MM piece Stainless steel plank City of harbor of Jiangsu Zhang Jia 8500.00/ ton 1 ton Birch City of Heilongjiang black river 1700.00/m3 100m3 Compositive plank, wooden line stair Liaoning is clear former Manchu autonomous county 4300.00/ stere 10 stere PVC hard plank Area of the Milky way of Guangdong Guangzhou city 11.50/ kilogram 500 kilograms Plastic board City of state of Heibei dark blue 10000.00/ ton 1 ton Lotus red plank City of state of Henan the first month 130.00/ square metre 50 square metre The crystal plank of different specifications Beijing Beijing 18.00/ kilogram 10 kilograms Stone of man-made of series of riches and honour Shanghai Shanghai 740.00/ piece 6 pieces Stainless steel board, plank, Zhejiang Hangzhou city 40000.00/ coils 1 Granite plank 5 lotus counties of Shandong 33.00/ square) 150 square Polyformaldehyde plank City of Zhejiang happy Qing Dynasty 23.00/ kilogram 200 kilogram Wood, organic glass plank Guangdong Dongguan city 1.00/PCS 100PCS Plank of iron fluorine dragon
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