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2008.5.3 paring each district quotes
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Name Seat of kinds or types of goods Monovalent (do not contain freight) Have lot Particieboard Shandong birthday smooth city 1000.00/ square 20 Particieboard Shanghai Shanghai 1600.00/ cubic metre 50 cubic metre 3 get together cyanogen amine plank Fujian Zhangzhou city 60.00/ piece 500 Act the role of face plate Shanghai Shanghai 110.00/ piece piece 60 pieces of piece Puissant arenaceous belt Jiangsu Changzhou city 130.00/ 10 High density is spent in board Area of Shanghai brake north 98.00/ square 10 square Particieboard - CNC engraving tool Beijing Beijing 65800.00/ stage 1 Density board uses emulsification candle Guangdong Dongguan city 6000.00/ ton 1 ton Particieboard of E2 arenaceous light Linyi city Lan Shan district 45.00/ piece 1000 pieces Particieboard Shanghai Shanghai 1300.00/ cubic metre 50 cubic metre 3 get together hydrogenous ammonia acts the role of face plate Shanghai Shanghai 85.00/ piece 30 pieces Particieboard, density board Shanghai Shanghai 5800.00/ ton 1 ton Ark of toilet partition, bathroom Shanghai Shanghai 680.00/ square 1000 square Particieboard Shanghai Shanghai 85.00/ piece 1 piece PVC glue Shanghai Shanghai 13.00/KG
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