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Dongguan of the first ten days of a month promoted prices of Fang of wood of mar
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One, Fang lumber market: Burmese material supplies cost of material of nervous, North America to rise one after another, hasten of African material sales volume is firm

Northeast material: According to encouraging report of tenement of market of lumber of course of study, the northeast material breed such as wood of basswood, Chinese catalpa, northeast china ash is in experience April smooth hind, sales volume continued in May firm. Tenement points out, because lumber machines an industry to still be in an industry,adjust period, a lot of agency did not develop new client almost, basically be old client orders goods. About price of of all kinds and northeast material, tenement introduction, the timber that sells now basically was March the new money that the last ten-day of a month reachs the market, price change is not big, with on the month keeps balance basically.

Southeast Asia material: Since half many month, prices of Burmese material sales volume still is maintaining relatively stable level, the price of major variety rises and fall not quite. But, after initiative unripe strong tropical storm makes a surprise attack, burmese material tenement encounters the difficulty that serious supply of goods is in short supply. Employer of industry of beautiful luck timber introduces, the storm of the near future gives not only Burmese bring heavy loss, also bring adverse effect to Burmese material commerce, the control measure of Burmese government is more and more severe, lumber exit is difficult and heavy, it is easy to add monsoon to carry the work suffocate suffocate, so, did not come for some time, burmese material will face the situation with very tight supply of goods. Tenement still introduces, although the part is Burmese,material has demanded exceeds supply, but look forward to of Burmese material price is at present firm on the market, wave motion is not big. Besides a few breed such as water wax gourd, Bai Mu appeared April rise in price besides, other variety price did not go. Like class of thick 5.0cm, AB core of Burmese peach blossom signs up for 1800 yuan / cubic, burmese small annatto signs up for class of 220mm × 2.5cm, AB 1500 yuan / cubic, burmese crackling birch signs up for 220/260 × 5cm, class A 3300 yuan / cubic, burmese Huang Yunxiang signs up for 220mm × 3.5cm, class A 2500 yuan / cubic, burmese Shabili signs up for 220/260mm × 5.0cm, class A 3200 yuan / cubic.

In lumber of each southeast Asia, philippine material is maintaining relatively stable prices on the whole. Yellow employer of industry of timber of humble of source of the market that start line of business discloses, this year 3, April, philippine material sales volume all has growth, prices is overall and good. And a month comes, as whole lumber industry go firm, the prices of Philippine material also tends gradually smooth. The near future, sales volume and value all did not change apparently, the goods of all of core of Philippine peach blossom that is like above of 1.8m of × of above of 5cm × 10cm quotes 3600 yuan / the willow eucalyptus that cubic, norms is above of 1.8m of × of above of 5cm × 10cm quotes 3800, 3900 yuan / cubic, norms but quoted price of custom-built commodity of Philippine interconnected system is in 10000 yuan / cubic left and right sides.
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