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Lumber each district quoted on April 27
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Lumber each district quoted on April 27 Product name Seat of kinds or types of goods Monovalent (do not contain freight) Have lot Deciduous leaf camphor tree is loose City of Heilongjiang black river 1500.00/m3 100m3 Lumber How does Hunan change a county 1580.00/ stere 200 stere Heat turns imprint Zhejiang makes the same score in relief county 3.50/m2 500m2 Model wood Guangdong Dongguan city 23.00/ rice 100 meters Water portion appearance Beijing Beijing 1980.00/ stage 1 Wooden pink machine, lumber disintegrator, lumber Henan Zhengzhou city 30000.00/ stage 1 Lumber measures Shi Yi Jiangsu is promoted turn city 1050.00/ ministry 1 Sclerometer Shanghai Shanghai 125.00/ 1 Model wood Guangdong Dongguan city 13.00/ rice 300 meters Laser beam cutting machine Hubei Wuhan city 39500.00/ stage 1 Fold chopsticks City of Zhejiang justice black 5.50/ is covered 900 Shuangduan drill Guangdong Dongguan city 22000.00/ stage 1 Lumber, d of machine of electrical wiring pulling force Shandong Jinan city 16000.00/ stage 1 Camphor tree child loose Shanghai Shanghai 3500.00/ stere 1 stere Lumber takes off lacquer agent
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