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The 10th China (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition
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Exhibit date: On July 6, 2008 - 9 day

  Show a location: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise city of house · Guangzhou reads Jiang Zhonglu 380

  Sponsor an unit: Center of Chinese foreign trade (group) , Chinese building decorates association

  Ginseng postpone a business: 2300

  Exhibit: 10000

  Exhibit an area: 180 thousand ㎡

  Current look into:

The 10th China (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition will in July 2008 6-9 day is held, will set exhibit 10000 many, exhibit an area to add to 180 thousand square metre, predicting ginseng exhibits more than 2300.

Current the meeting that build rich will continue to carry out " purchase platform thoroughly to buy the home to offer, sell market opportunity to join more of the creation that postpone business to enter international and domestic cent " do extend a concept, rise ceaselessly exhibit meeting quality, ceaseless to " the building that the whole world has force most decorates industry distinguished gathering " target and stride. Be opposite the 9th to exhibit the base that can have evaluate and be analyticed to go up, increase strength to attract international enterprise of the well-known trademark that defend bath and ginseng of enterprise of domestic Wei Yu brand are exhibited, enhance hardware, door / window and glass kind ginseng those who postpone a business is professional with brand effect, afterwards " 2007 China (Guangzhou) international ground shop holds material fair " after becoming independent to exhibit, defend association of bath pottery and porcelain to cooperate with China again, wei Yutao porcelain subject matter becomes independent to exhibit, the corresponding period is held together " 2008 China (Guangzhou) international defends exhibition of bath pottery and porcelain " . Current major exhibits an area to will differentiate according to the dependency of product use, the setting is more more professional, reasonable (detailed sees following exhibit divisional cloth and classification of item on display) , on the publicizes the job that enrol business base that gets remarkable result in previous term or session, strengthen the interactive cooperation that is the same as abroad exhibition, reach the collaboration with magazine of abroad and professional media, trade. The building that combinative Guangzhou Asia Game brings decorates a climax, invite more purchasing business is gone to can undertake purchasing.

   Showpiece limits: (18 exhibition halls)

1. Wei Yu / the kitchen exhibits an area:
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