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The 4th China (Qingdao) international door course of study and exhibition of bui
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The 4th China (Qingdao) international door course of study and time of exhibition of building adornment hardware: On December 12, 2008 - 14 days of places: Qingdao international exhibition center supports an unit: Guangdong of committee of province of Shandong of stimulative commission of trade of current association China International saves lumber of China of government of Qingdao city people commercial union sponsors an unit: City of Qingdao of committee of major of door of current association wood builds Chinese lumber committee undertakes unit: International of Chen of sea of Qingdao of machinery of construction of city of Qingdao of office of government of data of project of Qingdao city construction and housing materials association can exhibit limited company assist run an unit: Province of Shaanxi of association of building materials of city of Tianjin of association of window of door of hardware of building of current association Shanghai builds Shandong province lumber building of town of Qingdao of association of quality of project of construction of town of Qingdao of association of estate of city of Qingdao of association of adornment of building of town of Qingdao of association of bldg. of city of Qingdao of management board of equipment and development of estate of city of Qingdao of door window association designs: The member that in lumber of government of Qingdao city people, China commerce of current association, China International promotes committee Shandong provincial Party committee of meeting and union of Guangdong province trade support energetically below, the distinguished gathering of international door industry that by Chinese lumber committee of major of door of current association wood and Qingdao city build committee to be sponsorred jointly -- " the 4th China (Qingdao) international door course of study and building hardware exhibition " general on December 12, 2008 - be in 14 days Qingdao international exhibition center. The haven city that as city of Olympic Games partner, China 10 congress exhibit area of economy of Bohai Sea of annulus of city of bibcock of economy of city, Shandong, China to have force most -- Qingdao, because of advantaged advantage, become one of first selection cities that world each country has commerce cooperates with China. And regard China north, Huadongde as the area be in charge of a branch exclusively to sponsor by governmental authority -- the Qingdao international that has sex of Wu of kimono of authority, professional, advanced sex most door trade fair, with Qingdao international the meeting that build rich is rely on, already successive success held 3. Exhibit always 2007 dimensions breaks through 20000m2 first, nearly 600 are exhibited, attracted domestic and international more than 30000 professional audience attends a meeting attend purchase, clinch a deal with the spot of unprecedented scale and high number the quantity won what broad ginseng postpones business to be mixed reputably reliance. This second exhibition predicts to exhibit dimensions 30000m2, the standard is exhibited 1000, ginseng postpone a business more than 600, the ginseng that includes 23 countries such as Germany, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia and area among them postpones business, professional audience 50000 person-time. Still will invite business of personage of the authority inside course of study, scholar, construction, estate to develop business to wait at the appointed time attend industry height forum and academic communication seminar, and " Shandong proposes machine industry meeting " , " Qingdao construction machinery and annual meeting of trade of housing materials association " also hold the corresponding period, this is sure to exhibit business to build a more capacious international collaboration to communicate platform for ginseng of world each district. Exhibition period activity: ◆ 2008 Qingdao international builds ◆ of forum of height of 2008 course of study rich meets business supply and demand meets province of meeting ◆ Shandong builds plane travel canal to do special subject to meet city of 2008 year Qingdao builds ◆ new product of machinery and ◆ of annual meeting of housing materials association, new technology popularizes news briefing ◆ 2008 international: Reach the countrywide network resource that its have according to all previous exhibition, sponsor an unit to will make exhibit the information of the meeting to pervade through the following way the whole world: 1. Through mailing, the form such as fax and email exhibits business and audience to give out to what accumulate for years invite, offer in time postpone conference process; 2. In global each big media conduct propaganda such as about a hundred professional the press, magazine, website, broadcasting station and TV station and report are exhibited meeting; 3. Through domestic major association and social organization undertake extensive conduct propaganda; 4. The congener and professional exhibition that the choice enters to have dimensions and effect domestic and internationally relatively undertakes conduct propaganda and audience are organized, face professional traveling trader directly; 5. Hold a press conference for many times, to each big media introduction exhibition is mixed postpone business, expand exhibit audience of meeting consequence major: 1. Above of class of branch of governmental orgnaization, project division, construction, building branch, villages and towns is relevant governmental personnel; 2. Contractor of unit of engineering of project project manager or project personnel, Party A, real-estate project unit, construction unit, project, adornment decorates enterprise, material to purchase hotel of unit, guesthouse, public property to run an unit; 3. School of scientific research of manage of construction project reconnaissance, design, inspect, advisory unit, building; 4. Market of building materials jobber, shopkeeper, agent, building materials is managed door; 5. Industry of building materials of countrywide each province and industry of blame building materials look around purchase round, professional ginseng to exhibit group and abroad look around purchase round, abroad ginseng to exhibit a group. Ginseng extend range: Door of real wood of series of door of ◆ adornment craft, adornment craft door, compound door, mould pressing door, partition door, cupboard door, fold door, slip sliding door, move door of craft of carve of the door, shutter door, copper, enchase window of door of steel of vitreous wood door, model, : (International standard exhibits a company of 3m*3m) ◆ home: The standard exhibits a RMB 6800 yuan / RMB 700 of indoor light ground yuan / enterprise of M2 ◆ abroad: The standard exhibits an USD 1800/ remarks of USD 180/ M2 of indoor light ground: 1. Double mouth standard is exhibited add receive the part of 15% cost, the standard exhibits an establishment of form a complete set to include face or 3 two sides to exhibit board, one desk electrical outlet of power source of a two chair, lintel board, 220V 2. Indoor light is hired since ground 36 M2, extremelying He Pei covers establishment, add receive 15 yuan to mount administration fee especially / advertisement of M2 proceedings of a conferences (210mm*285mm):Cover: RMB10000 yuan back cover: Page of RMB8000 Yuan Fei: RMB6000 yuan inside front cover: RMB5000 yuan inside back cover: RMB4000 yuan important edition: RMB2600 yuan colorplate: RMB2000 yuan black and white edition: RMB1000 yuan spot ad:1. Wave for nothing balloon 4000 yuan of / / exhibition period 4. Dimension of advertisement of entrance ticket the reverse side portion of 210 × 93mm/10000 / 5000 yuan 2. The billboard outdoor 15000 yuan / piece / exhibition period 5. Portable bag dimension portion of 400 × 285mm10000 30000 yuan 3. Arch 5000 yuan of / / exhibition period 6. Join the dimension that exhibit evidence to make according to certificate / all ginseng exhibits evidence / 30000 yuan of ginseng postpone formalities and payment: 1. Ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail " ginseng extend application registration form " after building official seal, be faxed or send hand in to the organizing committee; 2. Organizing committee with written form to ginseng exhibit business to affirm ginseng exhibit a qualification; 3. Ginseng exhibit business to receive affirm advice note 5 days inside, will entire section is one-time collect an organizing committee to assign account, exhibit certainly thereby, exhibit allocate a principle " first application, prepaid money, allocate first " , if need to appoint,exhibit, add additionally close of 30% exhibit a cost; 4. Receive after exhibiting a cost, the organizing committee is sent inside before the meeting 40 days ginseng exhibit manual and bill photocopy to wait (bill original exhibits the spot to exchange at cloth) ; 5. To assure to extend meeting whole form, organizing committee reservation is exhibited adjust advantageous position finally. Service equipment compose: China? International of Qingdao sea Chen can exhibit limited company address: China? Qingdao Shandong road 33 B 2101 rooms phone: 0532-80791071 fax: 86-532-83841887 contact: Wang Qun mobile phone: 13573278886 mailbox: Qddoor2008@163.com government website: Source of information of Www.cbe-qd.com:
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