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Fair of trade of door of the 16th 2009 international
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Course of study of door of the 16th China International and building decorate hardware exhibition

16thChina International Door Hardware And Building Decoration Exhibition

Advisory phone: Hour of Luo Yongjun 13810088762 010-84494460 (24 serves)

Showpiece time: On March 4, 2009- - on March 7

Place: Beijing, new international exhibits a center (whole house is exhibited 5000 times)

Extend meeting scope: 80, 000 square metre Predicting audience: 12, 0000 people

Sponsor an unit
China International commerce promotes committee
Chinese building decorates association
Science and technology of China harbor building shows Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company

Exhibit meeting content:

Door course of study exhibits a house: Fold from automatic door, rotate automatic door, smooth an automatic door, circular arc is door of garage of gas-tight door of automatic door, medical treatment, industrial the door, articulatory lever gear door, metal coils brake is adjustable rolling door of door of door of door of the door and relevant fittings exit, guard against theft, fire prevention, heat preservation, fire prevention, . Job of lock of window of flower of partition door, door, bolt, advanced door, sealed material, door is new material, processing technique and equipment, door controls a system

The building decorates hardware house: Use at room inside and outside machine of looking glass of sensor of system of entrance guard of form a complete set of ★ of product of series of Tie Yi of goods of the goods of stainless steel adornment of all sorts of utility, aluminium alloy goods, cupreous act the role ofing, spray of molten steel, automatic door, door, door kind the ★ lock such as the product, close the door implement, handle
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