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The 16th 2009 China (Beijing) international building adornment and material exhi
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The 16th China (Beijing) international building adornment and material exhibition

16Th China International Building Decorations&Building Materials Expo.

Chief phone: Luo Yongjun 13810088762 010-84494460

Exhibit meeting network address: Http://www.build-decor.net/

Showpiece time: On March 4, 2009- - on March 7

Place: Beijing. New international exhibits a center (5000 are exhibited)

Extend meeting scope: 80, 000 square metre predict an audience: 100, 000 people

Showpiece limits:

Of all kinds Wei Yujie provides kitchen of material of equipment and fittings, building and wholesome pottery and porcelain, stone, whole, a cupboard that also serves as a table,

Chest of kitchen establishment and fittings, whole, bookcase, move ark of the door, shoe and furniture goods.

Hardware of adornment of of all kinds building, door controls hardware of hardware, wall of the fittings that defend bath, act, furniture hardware

Condole of material of data of of all kinds housing, wall body roofing, plank, profile carries keel and plasterboard on the head

Inside and outside of building materials of each category villa and stair establishment, room is of all kinds and anticorrosive lumber

Facilities of deep treatment of lamps and lanterns of of all kinds building and adornment glass, of all kinds adornment, glass
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