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Exhibition of building materials of international of the 16th 2009 Beijing
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Exhibition of 2009 Beijing building materials - the 16th (Beijing) international building adornment and material exhibition

Exhibit meeting controller: Zhang Chun 13391511886 010-64630548

Exhibit meeting network address: Www.bj-jbh.com

Exhibit a house: Beijing · is new China International exhibits a center (whole house is exhibited 6000 times)

Extend meeting scope: 100 thousand square metre predicts an audience: 120 thousand person

Time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7

The corresponding period is held

Course of study of door of the 16th China International and building decorate hardware exhibition

Clean of sanitation of 2009 Beijing international is provided, architectural pottery and kitchen establishment exhibition

Industry of data of adornment of building of the 16th whole nation orders goods meeting

Adornment of ground of the 10th China International reachs carpet exhibition

Eleventh sunshade of China International building and building are energy-saving exhibition

Industry of wall of act of window of door of the 10th China International and smallpox condole carry material exhibition on the head

Exhibition of wall paper of the 7th China International, cloth art

Fair of industry of ark of ambry of the 9th China International, wall, partition, stair, timber
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