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Triple hamper market development to see how companies break through the wooden
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PROBLEM: Small business development workshop production into the bottleneck At present, enterprises engaged in production of wooden doors, is expected to house more than 4000-5000, which sets an annual output of several thousand to tens of thousands of mostly wooden scale enterprises. 2009-2013 a body wood industry market research in China and investment analysis report also shows that 50% of current market share is still at the scene to do a small door or gate to do the "hand" or "small workshop" hands. Serious impact on a small wooden cottage market order. Most small enterprises lack workshop equipment, lack of manpower, lack of technology, product quality issues outstanding, which caused the service problems are endless. On the other hand, small workshops enterprise production process is simple, rough work, the price is often very low, the incentive to become a price war. Wooden products from the workshops have become a powerful business development obstacles. Brand on the road is an important breakthrough in the development doors measure company held. Roland, director of marketing, told reporters the wardrobe doors, wooden doors, the market is currently quite a mixed bag, and take the road of the brand is the trend. Brand, the first door on the need to have the right companies to grasp the market, with a clear market positioning. Accurate market positioning, but also related to survival and development of enterprises. Second, to strengthen quality control, improve service quality, develop the market with quality, with services to maintain network quality and service companies in the market is the basis for survival. Second problem: when to stop imitating rampant cottage At present, there appears a new type of wooden doors, wooden doors a few weeks the new brand name will be different mushroomed. For this phenomenon, the reporter interviewed the president of Mr. Huang Chunlei Roland closet doors, he is no alternative: "Now with a wooden door can be seen in the major stores have been hard to tell who is original, who is an imitation." homogeneous market with different brand is already an open secret doors, wooden doors phenomenon has become a cottage industry a problem. Abnormal development of out of doors errors, breaking the cottage version, you must embark on innovation. Design is the soul of business to be out of the cottage doors of the plight, the need for design innovation. First, the doors of enterprises must increase research and development efforts to improve the level of innovation. Second, is the style of the product innovation. Building materials as wood doors after years of development, taste, culture gradually come out, therefore, grasp the trend, to control the cultural connotation of a wooden style key to innovation. Currently consists of wooden style: European classical, simple European style, American Pastoral, Chinese Classical, Chinese modern and so on. And Difficult: Standard size doors behind the development of missing In recent years, with the doors of the market is reaching maturity and the market more and more doors for social concern, ferocious momentum. However, most of the wood industry using non-standard production of customized marketing, in the custom manufacturing process, although to meet the needs of individual consumers, but still seriously hindered the development of enterprise scale doors. Lack of standard wooden doors, behind a large extent, the expansion of production scale and increased investment. This is also the doors of the country there is only a regional brand business reasons, lack of standards makes the formation of a national brand of trouble. September 10, 2010 report in China Industry Association doors of the future development trend of China Summit Forum, the Ministry of Housing and Urban construction products and components, fittings product standardization technical committee of experts Guo Xiaowu first foreign release of "national standard wood doors and windows" or will be formally introduced early next year. The introduction of standard wooden doors, wooden doors can help enterprises increase production, increase productivity, help enterprises to large-scale mechanized production, industrial upgrading is to achieve the key corporate doors.