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Mature wood industry companies need to shift market share ideas
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With the doors of the maturity of the industry, today's highly competitive market, wooden doors, wooden doors throughout the rapid increase in the number of enterprises, to seize market share. For a single project, single-store retail sales, are seeking ways to grab their own hands. Enterprises should change their thinking Jidong doors of the market is also a scramble, many want to make their products dominate the market. Jidong doors of the last two years is the period of rapid development, the doors very fast increase in the number of enterprises, but most are small-scale production workshops, no brand awareness, with orders to production. In Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and other places, some of the doors of large-scale enterprises Carl triumph, HSBC, Yongxin, spring and so on. After the second half of 2008 financial crisis on the doors of the impact of the market, many companies feel the doors of the business is very difficult to do, store the number of orders is very small, the market few people a day. Therefore, many companies are changing ideas, store sales alone is not enough, so just try to find opportunities to do projects alone. Some business owners often hear that this year took a project, are too busy to, and some small retail single is not received, and are usually do not. Dealer is not any further. Qinhuangdao author visited the colorful rock art of glass, the Chenqi Fei, general manager of the enterprise and retail projects alone do know that one: Single and retail projects, as the case may be, one should not be across the board. Strategies of small-scale enterprises For small-scale production of small wooden workshops enterprises, may be due to backward technology and equipment, staff shortages, so that the final product is of poorer quality wooden doors, sales model is the first building in the local market to open a store, most or by the store's sales. Foreign investment, it is not possible. Because their own production capacity is limited. They do what works alone. Look at what works, for the number of dozens of sets of doors more than they are afraid to take the project, and elusive. If the last project done, but will shatter their own signs. So, companies like this one they do not want to do works. The author believes that the production of small-scale business or do some retail single is better. Slowly secured himself in the local market. Slowly make their products popular. Larger enterprise strategy doors Relatively large size of the wooden doors for business, engineering orders and retail sales are almost equal emphasis on a single. With the project will certainly pick up the. The doors of large companies as production capacity is not a problem, so they build the brand, while also continue to foreign expansion, occupation of the country's doors market, even if subject to environmental impact, their retail single is very impressive. Of a business to build out their own brand, you have to do some of the more famous works. This is an essential part of branding. Project is needed to make a large investment company, that negligence can not have, even if the company's brand re-arming. Product quality should be guaranteed. Product quality is an important guarantee for sustainable development. Any business should regard product quality as life, must never be allowed in the choice of material does not meet the product requirements of raw materials into the factory. Because the quality associated with a range of issues enterprise sales, product quality and if there are problems, you can make a company lose a lot of dealers, you can lose a lot of consumers, product quality problems, invisible in the task is to increase the sale. Particularly in engineering units, if there is a quality wooden products go wrong, will not only lose the current project, but also the reputation of their products, it is very serious implications. Similarly, if the dealer sold the product quality problems that also affect many consumers. With the doors of industry, many companies are now pursuing a "zero" after-sales service. Quality of the product is any one of the fundamental corporate brand, with good product quality, and invisible to the consumer get a good reputation.