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Cape Town plans wooden hundred Chinese President signings to promote the trut
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November 27, 2010, Chinese President Crane doors in malls and book signing events planned to continue to be staged in dozens of cities across the country. In this cold winter, signings, president of China crane wooden door activities for the general consumer sent the infinite warmth. Dandong: cold when the enthusiasm of the people live Border Town November 27, 2010, near the Chinese border city ---- North Korea in Dandong, a Chinese crane grand book-signing event Shengda Qi, president wooden screen. With "Chinese crane celebrating 55 years of shop sign fixed percentage per city" erected high arches, hundreds of new and old customers crowded the activity site full to the brim, border town people's enthusiasm, to minus ten degrees in the border town of Dandong added a lot of warmth. Dandong, China crane shop doors for the day to attend activities for old and new customers a rich gifts and performances. According to event arrangements, 14:30 Dandong China crane wooden store book signing events in the singing and dancing in the president began. Chinese Crane, director of marketing Mr. Du Xianzhong doors to participate in the book-signing events visit the scene, and author of the book-signing for the enthusiastic customers. DU in the active-site director, said: "Yesterday just been to a heavy snow, low temperatures in particular, did not expect to so many customers. Dandong, China crane wooden door, the customer support and attention so that we were deeply moved. Chinese crane doors the future will be better products and services with the return of consumers. " Hefei: impressive performance from the leading brand strength 27, in the central city of Hefei, the provincial capital, another book-signing activities are also intense in progress. Activity site full of people, a refrigerator and LCD TV Standees exceptionally eye-catching gift. In the zither accompaniment, from China Crane Group is carefully carving carving master, live performances to the general customers authentic Chinese carved wooden crane technology. Chinese crane wooden door is the rare company in the traditional carving of the enterprise, China crane wooden door leading technology in the pursuit condition, also uses this time-consuming, laborious classical technique, showing the doors of perfect quality Chinese Crane persistent pursuit. Hefei, China crane wooden door is an important market in Anhui. After several years of careful cultivation, Chinese crane wooden doors of the current market has become the leading brand of Hefei, Hefei, by the majority of consumers. Pingdingshan: Consumer support is our motivation to do better In the central region is an important coal production base in Pingdingshan, ultra-low discount and generous gift, the day to 27 to participate in signings of new and old customers smile. Liu Lixin Crane Group Vice President of China went to the site write signings. Liu Lixin Deputy General Manager before the event at the book signing, new and old customers are introduced to the cranes doors of the development of China. Chinese crane wooden door is the earliest to enter the field of industrial production enterprises, after 10 years of development, has become a leading brand of high-end wooden doors to the brand strength, market share, equipment and technology, product quality, product design, leading China's wood industry. The Crane Group was established by the 55th anniversary of China's opportunity to start the president of the national book-signing event, is to return China has long been concerned about the development of Crane doors to new and old customers. China crane shop doors Pingdingshan person in charge said that, after years of development, China crane doors Pingdingshan the minds of consumers in high-end wooden doors have been established brand image, by the support and concern Pingdingshan people. Care and support of consumers, is the Chinese do better crane wooden door and source of power. Yuncheng: star of the Township, and writing a new legend Crane Guan Yu in the home of three famous Shanxi Yuncheng, consumers certainly moved us. 27, the Chinese president of Cape book signing event doors Yuncheng held at the same store. Xinyuan in Yuncheng City crane wooden door market China stores the event, bicycles, home appliances and other activities gifts are ordered and sensitivities; long red carpet, through activities at the scene; of customers waiting in line patiently waiting for book-signing event started. Deputy Director of China Hok Planning Group, Mr. Chang is much stronger as a guest author of autograph signings. Mr. Chang said at the scene, Yuncheng, Shanxi is home of three famous Guan Yu, in such a "coherent meaning ancient and modern," the famous book-signing event held in his hometown, Cape doors China is concerned, is a very meaningful thing. China Crane Group was founded 55 years ago, is relying on the "honesty, good work the United States, Code of life equipment, contributing to society" business philosophy, it developed into one of China's largest home. Yuncheng China crane head Gengzhi doors at the end of the event, said, through the unremitting efforts, China crane market has been stable doors wooden doors in Yuncheng market leader, and our Chinese crane wooden door that strong brand appeal and product strength is consistent. Yuncheng China crane shop door to better services for some of Yuncheng peoples. Yantai: discount prize to get a satisfactory soft 27 Yantai City. ZHIFU happiness Road 60, Lotte Plaza, home, yellow on red at the entrance to the word "China signed 55-year fixed Crane City" a particularly eye-catching billboards. One set in the square courtyard in the event, was decorated grand, grand, festive, full of festive atmosphere filled with all kinds of gifts movable stage. Yantai, China from the hundreds of new and old customers to participate in Cape door the day book-signing events. Before the start of the host Fanghua He Yantai store doors to guests for a variety of cultural performances. Wonderful violin and saxophone performances won thunderous applauses from everyone; portrait of pop singer's concert drew a piece of applause. 2 pm sharp, book signing event officially began. In only one hour of book-signing session, scenes of violent and buy a repeat of the field: a long book-signing table filled the front row, and he put much of the book-signing scene had a packed crowd; many customers rushed, so that the representative of China Crane Group Mr. Ruan Qipeng have to remind you again and again, everyone has the opportunity to get signings, not crowded. Exciting lucky draw in the subsequent scene once again staged. Small appliances, refrigerator, notebook computer has been selected customers. His dream to get the discount, but also able to get the satisfaction of prizes, award-winning customer happy pumped from ear to ear, repeatedly said yes. 27, the exciting scenes over and over is also staged in dozens of cities in the other. Chinese crane wooden doors, wooden doors of the leading brands in China is because of its strong brand strength, excellent quality of products to consumers around the country to conquer, in this cold winter, warm the National Heart numerous old and new customers .