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Integration of domestic doors what the world needs to make up for lack of
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Relative to domestic and foreign consumer groups and market structure are very different, wooden export-oriented enterprises in the face of trade barriers and friction, often in a passive position. The face of an increasingly competitive market, the brand doors how to ensure that domestic enterprises should be the case of market share, open foreign markets? Internal doors when docking with the world, what need to make up for lack of it? Strengthen the brand product differentiation pulled Foreign markets, or great potential, like our products to the Middle East to start now, a listing by the consumers. But I also find that market sales of wooden doors, the difference is too small, replicability is too strong, I think the competition between the products will eventually be transformed into the competition between brands, but the brand is the core of competitive products, how opened the gap between products become the key to winning. 'Shanghai Door, chairman of Vanguard, said Yu Long. The doors of the brand now exported the minority, but as the doors of the domestic industry, to enter foreign markets has become a common trend, the product itself has become second only to price factors, is another key factor, the doors for business needs different market to develop product strategy. Swallow Wood relevant person in charge that, in addition select the appropriate mode of operation and export of wooden doors outside the market, create a national brand and make brands are the root of the problem will be the next door is the brand competition in the market competition. Introduction of production equipment and technology Some doors of businesses are advertised equipment and technology imported from abroad, in fact, would be a good strategy, one can attract more attention of consumers, on the other hand can improve the quality of the product. If the doors of companies advertised these advanced equipment and technology to combine the characteristics of the overseas market, will receive better results. Of course, in the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology at the same time, companies should consider its own characteristics, and tap the wooden doors of the content and level design of the wooden doors with Chinese elements, so as to attract more overseas attention of consumers. Will 'bring' and 'going out' the combination of enterprises to expand overseas is the only way doors. Using strategy to reduce costs The face of rising costs of production, wooden doors exporters break impasse there are two routes, the first is to increase the value-added products, but if a simple design to start from the very difficult to implement, the second is the need inner strength, increase management of value-added, is to enhance the quality and efficiency and reduce costs, and this includes a lot of concrete work, including raising salaries, the establishment of harmonious and stable relations reduce employee mobility, expatriate staff abroad for training to improve capacity and increase in space to improve the management level, reduce management costs and so on. Wood industry professionals that the value of the products subject to many constraints, is the result of a system, rather than the result of which a part of the final or the doors of businesses rely on the comprehensive strength. Now, the doors are basically export enterprises to do the currency, so if you want to have to strengthen ourselves a little profit, dug from the management potential.