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Quote of fire prevention board was expressed on May 24
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Product name Seat of kinds or types of goods Monovalent (do not contain freight) Have lot Bo is magnesian fire prevention board Jiangsu is promoted turn city 18.00/ piece 100 pieces Bo is magnesian fire prevention board County of Jiangsu noisy water 15.00/ piece 600 pieces Fire prevention board Guangdong Shenzhen city 29.00/ piece 100 pieces Fiber enhances siliceous calcareous plate City of Heibei advance state 14.00/m2 1m2 Fire prevention board The city in Jiangsu raise 1.00/ square 10 square Fire prevention board City of lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds 16.00/ piece 500 Fire prevention board Beijing Beijing 38.00/ piece 2000 pieces Expand pearlite fire prevention board Tianjin Tianjin city 680.00/ cubic metre 10 cubic metre Fold desk Jiangsu Suzhou city 165.00/ piece 1 piece Bo is magnesian board Guangdong Fosan city 48.00/ piece 200 pieces Fire prevention board, adornment board is special diaphragm Jiangsu does not have stannic city 0.65/ square 3000 square Vermiculite fire prevention board County of Heibei clever birthday 1000.00/ ton 1 ton Fire prevention board County of city of river Beijing University 1.20/kg 5kg Fire prevention board, diaphragm of colour armor plate Area of travel of Shanghai Shanghai Min 1.30/ square metre 2000 square metre
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