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Chinese door culture
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      double fan is the door, only leaf is door, calligraphy and painting of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty leaves two pictographic marks.
       about this this, poem also Ceng Yun, child ever also said -- " Chen Feng of • of The Book of Songs " : "Judge under the door, can dwell is late " ; " Yong Ye of • of the analects of confucius " : "Who can go out not by door " ? Never mention it the small vulgar music that the folk song of that Chen Guo just brings deficient happy base, never mention it of aperture old master set asked to tell a plain truth nevertheless.
       this is the door. From " The Book of Songs " " judge door dwell is late " , arrive " Jin Shu " " the Chai Men that fight annals " . Archaic poor person bright annals masturbates. Crossbar is the street door of the door, pallet? However, develop however piece richly a. It derived coloured glaze not only, the memorial archway of colourful colour, still evolve into the Lian Que before giving imperial door. Accordingly, yue Fei is strong the bosom is intense " Man Jianggong " Cai Yin " toward Tian Que " . If ask Lian Que's acme, see the midday door of the Imperial Palace of bright Qing Dynasty please.
       this is door. Civilian it is a day in order to feed, with Ju Weian. The element of house is little not portal, still be that word, "Who can go out not by door " ? The reason is wrapped more possibly simply the more accumulate rich. Do not believe read please " The Book of Changes " place character: "Entire door call female, monarch door calls male, entire one monarch calls change, come-and-go does not call thoroughly. " one hundred percent, it is philosophical proposition already. Broad and profound China culture, edify lots and lots of things grain colour is gorgeously, fold those who mirrorring oneself is broad and profound. The culture of concerned door is such namely.
       door, of since building outside brim is decorated, the building that is independence - an arch over a gateway rolling backbone of one civilian house, in the Chang of alley entires, the city gate Lou Zi of the hill door of cloister, Dou Yi. Distinctive China is built. Change, because of " the door " and inereasingly distinctive. The tremendous doornail on palace door, horizontal 9 vertical 9, ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, be like the character that protruding establishs, condensed a of Chinese traditional culture old essay. The door-god on gate of an old-style is martial, in pairs guards a gate, will ancient first civilian about mythological world let one's thought flow freely, through the 1400 draw of long time, final version wraps around for the body the about of armour. Lion of the stone before the door, what is meant by " 13 too protect " ? "Father-in-law stone dare be become " , why to get " with defend civilian house " function; Convention speech " pig introduction, 100 Fu Zhen " , in the red-letter day that the day adds years person to add life, carry the paper-cut of fat pig arch of cornucopia on the back, affixed house door. Exorcise evil spirits, pray blessing, drive is evil, greet auspicious ah, the door was done again antediluvian today of common exhibit a stage.
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