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How the wooden door of environmental protection of choose and buy lets the home
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The door regards the important composition that the bedroom decorates as the part, more and more get the attention of people, be full of the wooden door of originality, can make every room is full of independent individual character.  

One, the   of environmental protection index of wooden door

Wooden furniture is harmful   of corporeal set limit to

Project set limit to is worth  

Formaldehyde releases a quantity (Mg/L) ≤ 1.5 

Heavy metal content (be restricted paint) 90  of ≤ of Mg/kg solubility lead

75  of solubility cadmium ≤

60  of solubility chromic ≤

60 of solubility mercuric ≤

Note: The harmful material that wooden furniture produces basically originates man-made is ligneous plank and paint coating.
2, the classification of wooden door is mixed characteristic

The common form of wooden door has: Door of flush door, framed door or panel door, flat, wood lies between bar glass door, archaize to spend door of grid of case door, ligneous metal. Its install a form to have smooth open the door, door of sliding door, shuttle, revolving door coming back.

Craft wood door is the floorboard of flush door and framed door or panel door. Its form is more active, the surface can decorate various elegant lines. Can make indoor door already, also can do face outdoor advocate the door. Craft door can divide for: Door of wood of log design and color, miscellaneous Mumumen, real wood sticks side door (stick a face to have: Wood of teak, maple, northeast china ash, oak) .

1, real wood sticks side door. This kind of door uses real wood frame, stick a face to use wood of wood of maple, teak, Ju, northeast china ash, oak. Its characteristic is beautiful, modelling is out of shape liberally, not easily, the price is cheaper also.

2, door of wood of log design and color. Its material uses log character, immediate treatment, craft quality is higher. Its characteristic is luxurious and beautiful, modelling is thick, price on the high side, changeful form.

3, miscellaneous Mumumen inferiors a bit character besides its material at door of log design and color outside, other if machine a principle, molding process mix door of wood of log design and color is basic and identical. The characteristic is beautiful, be out of shape not easily, the price also under door of wood of log design and color.

Wood lies between bar glass door to differ by adoption vitreous variety, can divide for: Door of pane of glass of door of door of door of ground glass grid, pane of car edge glass, plate glass grid, coloured drawing or pattern is waited a moment.

Flat door has long history, its smooth fact, concise the sense that brings sureness to the person. Its with material wood of teak, maple, northeast china ash, oak waits, its characteristic is easy clean, flowing, easy. Use at adornment to decorate concise, simple household normally in.
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