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The choose and buy of wooden door reachs collocation
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1, quality    

The stand or fall of workmanship is affecting wooden door directly the service life of the door, generally speaking after wooden door uses period of time, often appear more easily be out of shape, the phenomenon such as craze, reduced the sound insulation effect of the door, sealing and each performance thereby. Accordingly, the craft that make has assuring wooden door, because its lumber moisture content is low, and not changeful form, craze. The sound insulation effect of wooden door depends on the material of the door and the detail processing in machining a process, because through reducing air flow realizes the sound insulation function of the door, accordingly, the density of the door is higher, weight is heavier, sound insulation effect is better also.

Besides the making craft of wooden door itself, hardware the service life that quality also is affecting wooden door. A kind of hardware that hinge is join wood door and doorcase, good hinge has anticorrosive function and good transmission sex, can ensure add up to Xie Shouli even, not because of the door self-prossessed and cause damage.

Additional, show the wooden door that sells in the market, its price is to be not contained more go up of lacquer charge, and door leaf and doorcase departure valuation, of doorcase control function makings is as endless as door leaf also identical. After consumer bought wooden door, still must ask the lacquer on manufacturer, or buy painting by oneself. Because use polyester lacquer of Yumumen to have moistureproof effect, the lacquer that has chosen only so expects ability can prevent wooden door to be out of shape because of be affected with damp be affected with damp.

      2, functional  

Use a function actually of     door to be able to divide roughly for: Prevent into   of door of householder door, small shaft door, bedroom, study door, sitting room door, backstairs, toilet door, storeroom door, balcony door, gazebo door, north cold door of used 2 heat preservation.  1. Besides the gate of guard against theft that enters a door to remove consideration safety factor, from beautiful and pragmatic point of view, the door of completely real wood that numerous other people chose the strong, massiness that has adornment effect to feel again;  2. Door of vestibular, sitting room uses pair of fan mostly model, push-pull or fold type door, and its style is pane type intersected full glass door, this kind of door in order to occupy dimensional area small and convenient, have the characteristic such as concise, lively, transparent brightness;  3. Bedroom door criterion the door of completely real wood that appropriate chooses grace of sweet nature, line, this kind of door feels with quiet, safety to host, or the day type door of pane type, opaque glass is relatively popular also and practical;  4. Appropriate of study door design introduces model the half glass ellipse of elegance of beautiful, of primitive simplicity door or design of Gu Shichuang arris, can produce antique book popular stock and culture colorific result;  5. Backstairs appropriate chooses gush arenaceous, wear half arenaceous design, half pervious to light glass the door is beautiful, toilet door appropriate uses door of more distinctive completely real wood, feel with privacy and safety to the person or use upside to grind sand preparation completely half glass door, can give a person with quiet feeling. The door appropriate of storeroom uses the door of 100 leaves wood with can better permeability;  6. Balcony door, gazebo door should use daylighting what the full glass door with good, tall diaphaneity should put forward to notice is, of all kinds door model the choice door that uses the door when, the whole that still should notice to consider a bedroom is designed and coordinate, and do not want ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, outsmart oneself. Use straight lintel like what straight lintel uses above the door, of the lintel that use arc use arc lintel. And the dimension of the door, height, width, lock the modelling of height, door lock also is coordinated as far as possible consistent. The woodiness of its door can use woodiness, furniture woodiness to undertake harmony choosing according to bedroom characteristic and place. (tell about for the client, our company early days / construction / after service characteristic, provide the service with close one continuous line for the client, solve the client's trouble back at home. )
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