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The character in wooden door choose and buy is differentiated
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Lay vivid quality and level of goods and materials as dweller of city villages and towns rise, what city of villages and towns changes is progressively and patulous, the wind of residential decorate already grew in intensity, it already became town dweller to improve life quality standard.

But, the wooden door variety that offers as a result of the place on current market is various, the good and bad are intermingled, nowhere does it, have a bit inadvertent, with respect to the trap that can drop into businessman place to design, catch pester not clear trouble. So, if where,choose in door of wood of numerous numerous purpose suit oneself to like the wooden door that content is worth somewhat, it is a difficult problem that numerous unwitting consumer faces, broad consumer improves knowledge when commodity of choose and buy, avoid to enter shopping error, the author makes the introduction of Baconian sex to the choose and buy of wooden door.

Current, the wooden door that supplies on the market, general component is real wood door, flush door, craft door, solid woodworking sticks side door, real wood collect sticks side door into material craft a few kinds big.  
Real wood door: Show the door is held out, begin to crop up,   door plank,   line,   sealing side with breed proportional real wood treatment is made and all become, add what do with teak entirely, it is teak craft door; Do with Shabili, it is door of wood of the sanded fact that compare profit. . . . . . This kind of door, on immanent quality massiness bears fruit, but because be to use real wood completely, the avoids lumber place harder to have natural flaw on the exterior, be like off color, twist crack etc. And the price is high, wasteful. Of course, want to show nobility, the person that be full of is talked outside.

Board door, divide hollow flush door and sincere flush door: Hollow flush door is to use file of quite removed wood, affix splint outside and become, door of this kind of wood, the value is inferior, appropriate low income person use; Sincere flush door, be splint is affixed outside real wood and become  . The exterior of two kinds of doors, show to make the same score face plate, drabber. No matter be hollow flush door or sincere flush door, after the plywood that sticks outside make choice of, its price is inspected even inside big core material and calm, namely the name or description of a commodity that core material uses,   quality and why to plant craft joining together.

Craft door: Point to be made by comprehensive data and become, namely the door is held out, begin to crop up is used of all kinds low pledge mixed and disorderly lumber goes all out close, door plank is used in fine board,   particieboard, all sorts of wood skins that appoint by client place are affixed outside, price of door of this kind of wood is low, the exterior is quite beautiful also, but immanent quality dare not flatter, one of, the door is held out,   begin to crop up turns over transverse joining together on craft, even if was not used up,point to receive, degree getting power is inferior, secondly, the fine in using board do door plank with particieboard, some manufacturer are reduce cost, what what choose is medium fine board and particieboard methanol are too much exceed bid.
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