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Door window actors or actress how bad looks
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     door window is the indispensable one part in the bedroom. Develop up to now, door window already had experienced 4 periods such as window of door of steel of wood, steel, aluminium alloy, model.  
Moderate of price of window of     wood door, the exterior is poor, sealing is poor, be afraid that fire is combustible, be out of shape craze, apply to low class, general location only, uphold charge tall, service life is brief. Price of window of door of       steel solder is low, class is low, perishable corrode, changeful form, uphold charge tall, service life is brief, be faced with fall into disuse.  
Anti-flammability of window of     aluminium alloy door is good, the exterior is luxurious but integral sex is poorer, corrode changeful form, easily, and result of difference of heat preservation sex, adiabatic difference, sound insulation is not strong.  
Photograph of window of     aluminium alloy door and wooden door window, steel door window is compared, have the following characteristic:  
    (1) self-prossessed light, hard usage. Window of aluminium alloy door is smaller than steel door window 50 % left and right sides; Window of the door that compare wood is anti-corrosive, not easy decayed is bad, its oxidize chromatic layer does not fall off, do not fade, wear well.  
    (2) sealed performance is good. The air-tightness of window of aluminium alloy door is tall, watertight sex and sound insulation sex compare wooden door window and steel door window to be close friends.  
    (3) colour and lustre is bright and clean and beautiful. The casing of window of aluminium alloy door expects, classics ammoniation is chromatic processing, the color such as silvery white of manage to make do, bronze-coloured, wine, lubricious figure is brought on manage to make do. With the window of aluminium alloy door that its make, the exterior beautiful, surface bright and clean, colour and lustre is gorgeous and firm, enhanced room inside and outside to establish the adornment effect of the face.  
Window of door of     model steel is the 4th acting door window after afterwards wood, steel, aluminium alloy, window of wooden window, steel window, aluminium alloy door cannot compare the performance such as heat preservation, fireproof, waterproof, anticorrosive, sound insulation, its price moderate, the exterior is luxurious, design diversity, sealing is good, fire prevention is flame retardant, be out of shape not easily, strength is good, installation is convenient, craft is exquisite, it is material of window of new generation door, have wide perspective. A few simple methods introduce below, how to undertake checking to the installation quality of window of model steel door.  
    sees window face: Window frame wants clean, level off, smooth, bedding face not to have nick, touch, profile does not have solder to rupture.  
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